We help you to identify the strengths, weaknesses and core potential of your brand. We help you to sharpen and strengthen your brand profile with targeted improvement measures. And we support you in the consistent implementation of your brand in daily business practice.

Our Services

  • Scope: Framework for your brand innovation- or brand repositioning project.
  • Analysis: Determination of foreign and self-perception. Market and competitor analysis. Customer profiles. Services, performance promises and key messages.
  • SWOT analysis: Creation of SWOT charts for your characteristic brand elements.
  • Objectives: Clear and specific goals for your brand optimization potential.
  • Brand positioning: Representation of the actual and target positioning of your brand on the positioning matrix.
  • Corporate Brand Platform: Developent of your brand core. Your visual branding cockpit based on corporate vision, mission, and key messages for communication.
  • Corporate Brand Voice: Development of your value and topic matrix – your brand communication control cockpit. Further development of your corporate content, core messages and performance promises.
  • Corporate Visuals: Development of your brand image world.
  • Corporate Design: Development of your visual, analogue and digital brand identity.
  • Corporate Template System: Development of your corporate template system for all online and offline communication templates.
  • Corporate Packaging: Development of packaging or service design systems.
    Corporate Promotion: Development of POP and POS systems, screen presentations or stand systems.
  • Implementation: Implementation of all elements and templates of your brand system on your server and your business network.
  • Training: Brand system User training for all employees.
  • Documentation: CD manual or brand asset container in a CUG web application.
  • Support: Coaching in the practical application and implementation of the brand system in daily business practice.

For Example

Your Benefit


The brand system is aligned with your medium-term, strategic corporate goals.


All business organizations have access to the controls and templates of your brand system.


Simply structured templates and prefabricated brand elements help your employees to consistently implement brand communication throughout the company.



We develop strategy, concept and implementation plan and guide you through the implementation process


We develop tactics and realize measures quickly and straightforwardly – on time and budget


We support your team in the secure and efficient management of brand control systems and tools